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Thread: Podcast window mobile client

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    Podcast window mobile client


    Is anyone know where i will get Podcast window mobile client for sony ericsson x1 (WM 6.1) ? Or is there any alternative way?


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    Re: Podcast window mobile client

    You can play podcasts on mobile devices, but software to support this needs improvement. In particular existing podcast software for Windows Mobile-based devices is extremely limited. Pocket Podcasts solves this problem, bringing a complete podcast client to Windows Mobile devices. with Pocket Podcasts you can search, subscribe, and play back podcasts, all from your Pocket PC or Smartphone.

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    Re: Podcast window mobile client

    Twitter app for Windows Mobile, I tested Tiny Twitter. The interface is relatively simple but still lacks shortcut to enter a message directly without going through the menus and in dire need of responsiveness.

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    Re: Podcast window mobile client

    You can also use Egress application on your windows mobile. Egress is a application which can display your favorite RSS feeds directly on your PocketPC.

    • Touch-screen scrolling - NEW in 4.0.0
    • Full screen support - NEW in 4.1.0
    • Lifetime upgrades
    • Search for feeds using Google - NEW in 4.0.0
    • Now supports read state with NewsGator synchronized channels - NEW in 3.4.0
    • Support micro-blogs (jaiku / twitter) - NEW in 3.3.0
    • Support for Bloglines and NewsGator synchronized channels
    • Support for HTML optimizers (Skweez and Google Mobile) - NEW in 3.2.0
    • Supports RSS (.09, .91, .92 and 2.0), RDF (1.0), and ATOM (0.3 and 1.0)
    • Integrates with Today
    • Caches and displays inline images
    • Can cache web browser pages for later display using ANY
    • Integrated HTML browser for cached web pages
    • Can download enclosures (Podcasting support)
    • Automatic playlist generation for audio podcasts
    • Background download of feeds
    • Supports alternate web browsers

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