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Thread: Sony Viao reset

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    Sony Viao reset


    My friend is having Sony Vaio pcg-fr315b laptop with him and due to virus issue he need to format his C: drive and reinstall Windows XP SP 2. But before formatting his laptop he needs change the Boot sequence for that he need to goto BIOS but when he trying to get into it's asking for password and he don't remember his password. Can anyone help him out.

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    Sony Viao reset

    If you are facing such kind of issue the common way to reset the BIOS is to remove the motherboard battery for about a 1/2 a minutes or else contact Sony support to find out where the battery is. If you can't find the battery, try just pulling the main battery with the laptop off for a 1/2 hour. This doesn't always work, but its worth a try.

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    Sony Viao reset

    I was also facing such kind of issue i try to hit the power button is some lights would come on and then the shut off then held the power button again and kept holding it after the lights came on. The screen flashed and so did the keyboard lights. I shut the laptop off by holding the power button again , then held it again, the screen flashed, the keyboard lights flashed, then everything came to life.

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