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Thread: Nokla E97 with removable QWERTY keyboard

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    Nokla E97 with removable QWERTY keyboard

    Chinese developers have submitted a mobile phone Nokla E97, QWERTY-keyboard that can be detached from the main body of the unit. The concept Nokia E97 is too difficult to clone, so finally Nokla E97 goes a slightly different way. Rather than a removable display.

    From the technical characteristics of new items include the 2.2-inch display, camera, two-slot SIM, module Bluetooth, MP3-player, FM-radio. Cost Nokla E97 in China is around $ 117

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    Re: Nokla E97 with removable QWERTY keyboard

    This phone having nice features, It looks as though the display itself could be detached from the body and l also offer a removable QWERTY keyboard alongside a 2.2" display, a digital camera of unknown megapixel count, dual SIM capability, handwriting recognition, Bluetooth connectivity, an integrated FM radio and MP3 playback.

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