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Thread: Compaq presario 2100 key remove

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    Compaq presario 2100 key remove

    Hi, i am having Compaq Presario 2100 laptop with me and it is workign fine but today by mistake i pressed the Enter button very strongly and it has come out from it's keyboard. Since i don't have much more knowledge about laptop. Can anyone help me or tell me what should i do in order to place the removed key back to it's place.

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    Compaq presario 2100 key remove

    If your laptop is under warranty period then i would suggest you take it to service center and they would fix your key without any additional cost, if you try to do it by yourself then you would void your service warranty because one of my friend try to do that and he was not able to fix this issue when he to service center they told him that you have voided service warranty because you have opened the laptop.

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    Compaq presario 2100 key remove

    In my friends laptop his key was also fell off in just try to insert it again by just removing the screw from the backside and press a bit and make sure you don't use any sticky things because this will damage your key and in that case you need to replace your whole keyword.

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    Replace Compaq presario 2100 key

    IF you really want to replace your key back then i would suggest you to have a look out the below links which will direct you.

    How to Repair Dell Laptop Keyboard Keys
    Laptop key fell off
    How to clean laptop keyboard?

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