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Thread: HP Laserjet Printer 2840 jam in print paper path

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    HP Laserjet Printer 2840 jam in print paper path

    Hello Good morning everyone,

    I opened the rear output door and cleared the jam when a paper jam happened in my HP Laserjet printer 2840.Even although the jam has been washed off, the display panel still showing errors: "Jam in print paper path. Open the door and clear jam." I done it for several times but to no avail and the display message continues showing the paper jam message.Can somebody offer some kind of help here.It would be great helpful for me


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    Re: HP Laserjet Printer 2840 jam in print paper path

    As far as we can tell there is no paper anywhere causing a jam. It is quite difficult to examine the whole paper path for these printers.But you could take the printer apart to evaluate the scrunched up piece of paper that had been torn off when the paper was pulled out with force.In any case, it can be a clogged sensor. Take it apart and clean it.

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    Re: HP Laserjet Printer 2840 jam in print paper path

    My Guess is that there will be a part of paper or other craps in the machine preventing one of the path sensor actuators/flagsor one of them is stuck out of position.Normally this would be the top of page sensor at the registration which is normally under the cartridge and there may be a guide that lifts up to get under there.this is a common place for small pieces of paper or other obstructions to stay aside.the sensor flag itself would stick up out of the bottom/middle of the should push down and snap back.else you can probed there in the delivery sensor at the fuser.usually this is part of the fuser assembly and depending on what model you have ,you may be able to see it if you open the back door.

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    Re: HP Laserjet Printer 2840 jam in print paper path

    There is a great chance that when whoever cleared the jam pulled the paper out that they bent one or both so they prevent the paper from moving,since there are a few thin, black plastic paper guides in the paper feeder. You can check the paper feeder and check to view that they are hanging straight down. If not you can reach in and push them forward.You can fold an 8.5-inch by 11-inch paper in half and place it behind the fuser in the paper path. Manually feed the paper through to dislodge any remaining paper in the paper path.After removing all sheets and fragments of paper, replace the toner cartridge, reattach the printer door if it was removed, and close the printer door.

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