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Thread: Games compatible with Lg Versa

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    Games compatible with Lg Versa


    I have purchased the game controller for my LG versa. The problem is that I have difficulty locating games in the media store that use on this nifty device for their use. I had hoped someone knew where it was possible to download. JAR and. jad files and install games to the versa that road. There is a website with a huge list of the free games and it claims the versa is suitable for use. Someone who has since been found any good games that games compatible on LG versa with the game controller??

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    Re: Games compatible with Lg Versa

    The game pad controller will have to pay $29.99 for it, which does not seem to be that much for a handy accessory that could easily extend options the functionality of a good look touchscreen device with a touch that falls 3d interface, as well as with the support for verizon EV-are mobile broadband service, will connectivity and a 2-megapixel photograph Snapper.

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    Re: Games compatible with Lg Versa

    I suppose there are two ways to do this, one goes to the website from the phone and establish a code, or the downloading to the PC and their transfer. I could not figure in the PC way I have therefore decided to pay the data charges and go on the website through your phone.

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    Re: Games compatible with Lg Versa

    Games compatiblity with Lg Versa using game pad controllers will be some interesting functionality and make the phone special, if not excellent. We, for example "rumors heard of a gaming pad module, and that is a perfect idea, as long as there are games to go with it.

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