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Thread: Focus Problem with Sony projecter

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    Focus Problem with Sony projecter

    Recently I have bought old a Sony VPH-1041QM of a mate the unique problem that I have is i cant to obtain the blue one tried to suitably center the approach of adaptation of the pot and the fungus also has retired of the tube but still it cannot obtain a clear image, the green one and the red one is perfect tubes. In the end I have bought a blue tube from eBay, said to me that it was good it replaced it with a present, but still the same. It would be possible to change the green and blue color around the tubes to see if the problem resides in the tubes or the projector...????

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    Re: Focus Problem with Sony projecter

    You will not be able to center the blue tube as clear as red or green in any VPH-10XX projector. I forget to me the exact technical reason, but it is enough to say that it is not going to be so clear.

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    Re: Focus Problem with Sony projecter

    It tries to the blue one and to concentrate in a dark room. Their eyes are not sensible to the blue light, and that are probably more of the conduction the blue one so that you can see brilliants. Also in 480i CRT the blue one is executed slightly outside center to fill the black between the scouting lines.

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    Re: Focus Problem with Sony projecter

    Worse of the cases, a position pix of the test to the blue one of the network. It is possible that a tube of high hours of delay to have perfect phosphorus, but the poor men, even without fungi. I have seen that often before, that is only the nature of is concentrating tubes.

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