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Thread: IMob Online Application for the iPhone

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    IMob Online Application for the iPhone

    Mob Mafia is a game for the iPhone. IMob With you as a gangster in a virtual underworld. You can buy weapons and property and also you can fight against other players, such as the player who is closest to you in the area.

    The cool is that the search of the surrounding iPhone can be used to nearby opponents to find. Unfortunately, I have here with me "in the country" is still not found. But you can on the internet will find many pages with Friend Codes. Furthermore, running the game, if you're not playing.


    The game is text based, which means that you no battles carries through nice graphical operations, but simply a text "attack" button. However you have many options that make this game. The player can have different "Jobs", such as cars, steal or rob a store. You can attack other players and you can buy different items that you stronger, such as cars, shields, weapons and real estate.


    To "Jobs" and missions to do, you need energy. By missions to earn the player money and he gets extra experimental points needed to enter the next level to come. The higher the level the more opportunities you have different weapons, cars and buildings to buy. If your energy levels are automatically fills it again by means of a timer.


    Each time you fight with someone, is 1 stamina point. This is filled again automatically after a period of time.

    It is your offensive forces. You get more mobs of people to invite, for example using a friend code. You do this to invite to go and then friend code. This is a nine digit code. After the person you have invited has accepted the invitation, you have a mob there. In order to achieve maximum strength, each mob weapons needed. This buy your earned money.

    Redemption Codes

    Through the introduction of redemption codes you can unlock secret weapons.

    More information

    If you want more information click on the "How to play The Game" button in the game. IMob online now monthly 2.5 million players, so there is enough competition. If you need to have mobs, leave your friend code below behind, and there are sure people you want to invite. Together we are strong!

    iMob online
    is free to download from the App Store.

    Gladly you can Imob Your Friend codes here in the comments posted.

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    Re: IMob Online Application for the iPhone

    IMob Online Application for the iPhone appears in the course of optimization, and fortunately, since the slowness of response from the server made me leave the game for a while: disconnections, no updated profiles of the game, impossible to beat this with others bug cheat enable others to earn $ million even before atteitn level 1 ...
    In short, there is still work ...

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    Re: IMob Online Application for the iPhone

    Good potential application but update is required. After I was tested by slow blazer game, either WiFi or 3G, hence I have dropped for the moment and waiting to be updated.

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    Re: IMob Online Application for the iPhone

    The principle to this type of game on iphone is good, the interface is fun and can become addictive. However the game suffers from a huge mistake. The management of time and resources. Indeed by changing the date of the iphone it is possible to hack the game

    And since the game is launching armored person who made this manip, suddenly everything is distorted.

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