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Thread: How to fix corrupted USB flash drive

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    How to fix corrupted USB flash drive

    My 2 GB USB flash drive is market as RAW since this morning when i accidentally pulled it out when some files where getting copied in the drive. I think its gone corrupted. Whenever i am plugging it in any PC, i get message to format it. But i don't want to format as there are lots of important files stored. Need some suggestions from you all guys. Please help. How to fix corrupted USB flash drive ?

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    Re: How to fix corrupted USB flash drive

    The data lost from the storage media can be very frustrating.Not sure but scanning can repair the corrupted drive. If you have norton system works (specifically Norton Disk Doctor), you can try to run it and repair the drive. Also try to get in the Properties of your drive in My Computer. If you can reach there In the Properties dialog box you will want to choose the Tools Tab. In this tab you will want to run the Error-checking tool, there is a button that says Check Now, click this. Hope this will fix the error. Do let me know the result.

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    Re: How to fix corrupted USB flash drive

    The best way to repair corrupted USB drive is to go to Properties than Tools. Run Error Checking and Scan for errors and fix them. If you can not do this than the only thing that i can think of is your going to have to format and then get yourself a copy of something like "Easy Recovery Pro" to get the lost data. Thats it!!

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    Re: How to fix corrupted USB flash drive

    You can also try a tool called USB Drive Data Recovery. The software scans your digital media and salvages recovered images in tree like structure. Comprehensive analysis of damaged media, combined with high-tech tools and techniques, give in the highest quality results with great ease and turnaround time.

    • Easily recovers data within short duration of time.
    • Easy to use and does not require any technical skills to operate the software.
    • Support all major file formats including jpg, gif, jpeg, midi, mpeg, tiff etc.
    • Provides fastest turn around time for the complete data recovery.
    • Ability for preview files before actual recovery.
    • Provides windows explorer style user interface.
    • Data recovery support to both FAT and NTFS file system.
    • Support all major manufacturer including Kingston, Sandisk, Transcend, Jet flash, Sony etc.

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    Re: How to fix corrupted USB flash drive

    The only way you can fix your drive without losing your data is by scanning the drive for errors and repairing them with DriveRestore Professional.... and it is GUARANTEED! You can download a free trial of DriveRestore Professional

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