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Thread: How to format USB Flash Drive

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    How to format USB Flash Drive

    I am having USB Flash drive 2 GB memory. It is 8 months old and was working fine. But from last few days, it is creating many problems.

    Some times files get corrupted, some times it gets infected with any trojan, etc.. So i want to format this USB drive but not in NTFS. Please let me know how can i format my USB Flash Drive ?

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    Re: How to format USB Flash Drive

    Formatting USB flash drive in FAT32 advantages you in accessing the stored data on every Windows installed machine regardless of the operating system. Formatting a USB flash drive involves plugging the device into a computer system via USB port that is active. here is the step by step to format usb flash drive in FAT32 :-

    1. Plug in your USB drive to the USB port and open My computer.
    2. Right click removable drive and select format from the context menu.
    3. Then it will appear a dialogue box named “Format Removable Disk?
    4. In the File System drop down, you will see FAT and FAT32.
    5. Select one and click on “Quick Format"
    6. Now click on Start.
    7. Thats it this will format the drive.

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    Re: How to format USB Flash Drive

    Make sure the data that is going to be erased are data that you no longer need. Because formatting will delete all stored datas from your USB drive and will hopefully remove all errors. The software comes on CD format or available on support sites marked for your usb drive to the net. For more infoe in formatting USb Flash Drive, see this:-
    Format your USB device in NTFS Format

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    Re: How to format USB Flash Drive

    Avoid formatting the flash drive unless you absolutely need to do so. You may render the flash drive useless if you are unable to format it due to technical problems. You can prevent your data getting corrupted or any of the problem that make you format the drive by using it properly. You must always remove the pen drive after stopping it. Go to ‘Safely remove hardware, stop the usb drive and when it says it is safe to remove it, then remove it.

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