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Thread: Lg Vx9900 Env

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    Lg Vx9900 Env

    LG VX9900 apparatus for CDMA-networks made in the form factor camp-cot, folding horizontally supported high standard EV-DO. Also the phone is equipped with a 2-MP camera with flash, 2.5-fold digital zoom autofocus.

    This phone is one of the best phones around mainly because of its design. Not only is it a candy bar designed phone on the outside, open the phone up like a claw and a second display and QWERTY keyboard. I love to text, so this phone is perfect and very practical.

    With the VX 9900, I was concerned about the user interface and be able to navigate and work with my phone, but its interface is extremely easy to use and I was able to use all its resources in minutes. For those who like a standard cell phone keypad, you can continue using the text alpha numeric keypad on the outside, but since I text a lot, I like the QWERTY design.

    Another important characteristic is its high-quality 2 mega pixel camera. If you are looking for a replacement real digital camera, this one definitely impresses. Print a 4 x 6 pic I took with the camera and it looked great. The VX 9900 has Bluetooth, as well synchronized. I had absolutely no problems with Bluetooth.

    Two other things worth mentioning is that it plays MP3's and also has a slot to add a memory card. The quality of the sound was very good and downloading music was super fast with EVDO technology.

    The Pros

    • Great design and functionality.
    • 2 mega pixel camera is a real digital camera replacement because of its high image quality that it takes.
    • MP3 player works well, but the layout of the display can be improved.
    • No problems with Bluetooth.
    • EVDO is super fast and worked well.

    The Cons

    • Outdoor display could be a little more.
    • Speakerphone needs to drop a more powerful.


    A phone that has a wealth of resources and an innovative design for heavy texters. It is also a good option for those who want an MP3 player and a quality integrated digital camera on your phone.

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    Re: Lg Vx9900 Env

    I want too know two small things:
    My question is: Is it possible to buy this phone on and my second question is : if I can put this chip in a laptop will be it compatible with this phone since it will come from EU?

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    Re: Lg Vx9900 Env

    No unfortunately you cannot use this chip in your laptop. Because it contains only portable 800 GHz and it needs 900 to work with your chip. A more common term is dual band. Lg VX 9900 is a portable dual band (valid only to us) to use your chip you need a portable Tri, U.S. and Europe.

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