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Thread: Kodak Easyshare Decor D830/D1030 Digital Frame

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    Kodak Easyshare Decor D830/D1030 Digital Frame

    The new Decor Series of Kodak Easyshare Digital Frames enables consumers to enjoy and share vivid displays of their digital images within hundreds of traditional picture frames.

    “For every type of home décor and style, there are picture frames that enhance and express it,” says Carolyn Walsh, Product Sales Director. “Our new Décor Series frames can be customised with virtually any traditional frame, allowing people to share their pictures and memories in ways that match their décor and style preferences – even if those preferences change.”

    • Model D830, featuring an 8in digital display, which can be paired with 8in x10in traditional frames
    • Model D1030, featuring a 10in digital display, which fits 10in x 13in traditional frames

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    Re: Kodak Easyshare Decor D830/D1030 Digital Frame

    Kodak Easyshare Decor Series Digital Frames include:

    • Interchangeable frame faceplate design
    • Stunning picture quality in a digital display that applies proprietary Kodak Colour Science technology for crisper detail and more vibrant colours
    • Environmentally responsible design including Energy Star qualified power adapter, mercury free panel and programmable on-off settings to control power consumption
    • Room to store up to 4000 pictures in 512Mb internal memory
    • A unique Quick Touch Border that enables easy scrolling through photos, picture editing, and more – right on the frame
    • Plug-and-play operation—simply insert a memory card or USB flash drive containing digital pictures and a slideshow automatically begins
    • Dynamic collage mode that displays several pictures at the same time

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