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Thread: HTC titan hard reset

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    HTC titan hard reset

    Hello to everyone!

    I have HTC Titan with me and until yesterday everything was fine. This morning when alarm ring it was impossible to stop the alarm because I have no notification to do so. suddenly, it stopped not ringing. I have extinguished, made a soft reset after a soft reset gets stuck on Windows Mobile logo, nothing changes. I can see that the hard reset but I do not know how to make and impossible to find.

    if anyone has another idea to stop the alarm, it is welcome.

    Thank you

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    Re: HTC titan hard reset

    There is no need to do Hard reset If you are not getting any notification, You can download MemMAid after installing You will have access to the notifications queue, and from there you can clean the unnecessary notification. I have exactly the same problem as you with the alarm that it is impossible to stop because no notification!

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    Re: HTC titan hard reset

    Hard reset: The hard reset is a reset of our devices. This operation shall return the original configuration of the phone as the first day. Performing a Hard/Master Reset will remove all of your data (settings, files, 3rd party applications, etc. From your device and will only reload the Windows Mobile Software and components. To make a hard reset you hold the two buttons below the screen (calendar and contacts) and you do a soft reset at the same time!

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