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Thread: Ringback tones for apple iphone

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    Ringback tones for apple iphone


    I want to set caller tunes on my iphone, but i could not find any option which can set the caller tunes. I know how yo get regular ringtones from apple store using iTunes but I dont know how to get the ringback tones. my friend also has apple iphone and when i call him i can hear his caller tone.

    please help me!!!!

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    Re: Ringback tones for apple iphone

    Since caller tunes are not ringtones, so it has nothing to do with installation, it is a value added service which can be activated through your network service provider, it can not be purchased from any shop. call your service provider and ask him weather they are provide this service or not. if they are providing then choose from the tones they have.

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    Re: Ringback tones for apple iphone

    Thank you for reply, i am using apple iphone with AT&T network but dont know how to activity, i tried calling AT&T customer care but it keep giving me busy signal i also visit the AT&T site but no help. please tell me how to activate caller tone on iphone with AT&T network.

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    Re: Ringback tones for apple iphone

    To get the details about caller tones

    • Add to your bookmarks to browse, purchase and manage your Answer Tones.
    • Browse Answer Tones: From the Shop Answer Tones tab or click on a genre, hit the preview icon to listen to an Answer Tone. Search by Title, Artist or Key word to find an Answer Tone of your choice.
    • Buy Answer Tones: Click the "buy" button to have the Answer Tone added to your library. Upon initial purchase, please accept the terms & conditions, and you will be automatically signed up for the Answer Tones service.
    • Manage Answer Tones: After purchasing an Answer Tone, you will be able to assign the Answer Tone, schedule a time for callers to hear it, or continue shopping.

    See here for more details

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    Re: Ringback tones for apple iphone

    Is there any way I can set it to my default so everyone can hear it?

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