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Thread: Low Battery Alarm For Laptop

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    Low Battery Alarm For Laptop

    Hello ,I Have A Laptop, Which has a 4 hour Battery Life , when the Battery is Low , i get a Warning Message on the Screen , instead of that message i want the Sound Beep , or sound alarm to alert me , the reason is i normally dont look at the screen , while Downloading Large Software and games , and most of the times my laptop has Accidently shutdown , please help me Thanks in advance

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    Re: Low Battery Alarm For Laptop

    It would be interesting if you give us more information on your laptop , the brand (ACER, ASUS, HP, DELL, etc..) And possibly what version of Windows is installed on your PC (Windows 2000, XP, VISTA, ...) .

    Personally in my opinion there is ACER ePower Management software in acer laptop , Which allow to Set beep alert When Battery is Low

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    Re: Low Battery Alarm For Laptop

    On XP you have the option: Goto "Control Panel", "Sounds and Audio Devices" then to "Sounds" tab and there you can assign a sound to: Critical battery alarm or to Warning of low battery. try that it should solve your problem

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    Re: Low Battery Alarm For Laptop

    If you have a laptop, it may be useful to activate the alarm on your machine that is triggered when battery low.

    1. Start, Run and type regedit
    2. Locate the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
    3. Create a new value (type: string) and give it the name LowPowerActive
    4. Then assign it a value 1

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    Re: Low Battery Alarm For Laptop

    Battery Alarm is a Windows Vista program that will monitor your battery life and alert you when you are getting low on power. All settings are customizable so it will notify you when you want and how often you want to be notifed. To install it, just download the zip file and extract it. Then run, setup.exe (If you manually installed an older version please manually remove it). It seems to work in Windows 7 as well.
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    Re: Low Battery Alarm For Laptop

    Hello Here are Installation step for this software
    1. Once the file is downloaded, extract its contents.

    2. The folder is unzipped files open. Double click setup.exe.

    3. Confirm it.

    4. Follow the instructions in the wizard to install the software on your computer. Finally, click on Close.

    5. Alarm Battery run by clicking its shortcut in the Start menu.

    6. A new Alarm Battery icon would appear in the notification area. Double click it.

    7. In the Play sound when power level drops to and indicate the percentage of battery remaining when the software should warn you, 10% for example.

    8. By default, the alarm will be repeated every 5 minutes. Change the interval if necessary.

    9. To select the sound file to be played when your battery will soon be empty, click the Browse button. Select a file in WAV format on your hard drive and click Open.

    10. Click the play button to hear the warning sound.

    11. You can close the window of Alarm Battery, the software still in the background. Battery Alarm to run automatically when Windows starts, simply drag its shortcut in the Startup folder in the Start menu.

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