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Thread: How to delete a single call on the iphone

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    How to delete a single call on the iphone


    I am using apple iphone, there is one problem with the call log it shows logs upto a week which is very poor. But not anymore. But this is not the problem. I know you can delete the Entire call log when i select the single call or more The flick left to right does not prompt a delete box. am i doing something wrong. or apple iphone unable to delete single calls? Is there any iphone application which can delete the single calls ? please help me.

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    Re: How to delete a single call on the iphone

    You can delete a Single call from apple iphone using third party application. But for that you must have a jailbroken apple iphone. you can install Moible log via installer. The MobileLog 3.0 Call and SMS Manager complements the iPhone standard application to manage incoming
    and outgoing calls and SMS. Practical design and user friendly interface make this application extremely
    popular among iPhone users. This component is of particular benefit not only to those who use the
    iPhone both for business and private purposes and maintain a large number of contacts, but also to
    regular users.

    MobileLog 3.0 offers new useful functions that are not available in the standard application:
    • History of incoming and outgoing calls without limitation (only the last 100
    • calls are shown on your iPhone by default);
    • Grouping of incoming and outgoing calls by contact/person;
    • Tracking of an individual call duration;
    • Viewing of total number of calls and their duration;
    • Viewing of an incoming and outgoing call duration by contact/person;
    • Possibility to remove a record of a single call.
    • Viewing incoming and outgoing SMS.
    • Possibility to remove a single SMS.
    • Notification functionality for missed calls and SMS.
    • It helps you manage your calls/call duration/sms.

    you can get it here:

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    Re: How to delete a single call on the iphone

    WeTool is a free application for the iPhone that will allow you to selectively delete individual Call History entries and SMS Messages. WeTool also adds the ability to forward SMS messages to multiple recipients and deliver contact information to multiple recipients.

    Download it from here

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    Re: How to delete a single call on the iphone

    There is one more application named CallD its a best tool for deleting individual Call records. This application is compatible with Application for iPhone, iPod Touch. or you can use iCallBR , it lets you remove single entries from your recent call page, a feature that should have been inculded in the default Phone app. Itís straight forward, itíll show your recent calls menu and select your contact, and remove. Done.

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    Naughty Re: How to delete a single call on the iphone

    It worked for me. But your phone must be jailbroken to use the applications. Thanks guys, no more explaining whose number is this yeahhh.

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    Re: How to delete a single call on the iphone

    Thanks for sharing this,
    You must try this appÖ

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