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Thread: Sync iphone with Outlook notes

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    Sync iphone with Outlook notes


    i am using apple iphone with outlook and looking for the simplest and most logical way of synchronizing the 3G iPhone with Outlook Notes. i have Downloaded v3.0 a bit ago. Trying to sync my notes from Outlook 2003 and not having any luck.Is there Anyway to get my outlook note files to sync or even copy once over to the iphone?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Sync iphone with Outlook notes

    To Sync iphone with Outlook notes what you can do is Eject your iPhone from iTunes, after ejecting press Alt-F4 iTunes to power Cycle your iPhone now, restart iTunes and reconnect your apple iPhone. now before doing anything make sure check box for notes is selected on Information tab and outlook is selected in drop down box. if everything is fine then press apply and sync.

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    Re: Sync iphone with Outlook notes

    iOutNotes is an Open Source Software designed to fill the missing piece in the data synchronization between Apple iPhone and Microsoft Outlook where purely through the USB connection. Due to the fact that Apple iTunes supports only the synchronization of Calendar events and Contacts between iPhone and Microsoft Outlook, there is no native support for synchronizing Notes.

    This project is aimed to provide a simple solution to Synchronize notes between Apple iPhone and MS Outlook via USB connection
    • Retrieve Apple iPhone notes database "note.db" via USB
    • Synchronize Apple iPhone notes with Microsoft Outlook
    • Transfer synchronized database to Apple iPhone via USB

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    Re: Sync iphone with Outlook notes

    Some or all calendar events from Outlook calendar may not sync to iPhone or iPod touch. Update to iTunes 7.5 or later to resolve this issue. If you're not able to update, continue reading for other options to resolve the issue.
    see here for more details

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