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Thread: LG Voyager doesn't show up on my computer

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    LG Voyager doesn't show up on my computer

    I am having LG Voyager with me & want all my computer images & songs to be transferred to it. I have never connect any mobile to my computer.... Can anyone tell me how to use it??? Please Help....!

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    Re: LG Voyager doesn't show up on my computer

    I think you might have got a cord with it which can be connected to the USB port & a CD or DVD might be given with it for connectivity & uaer guide to your phone Just install suit for it or driver for that phone & enjoy the connection....!

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    Re: LG Voyager doesn't show up on my computer

    Here is a similar thread made for it Hope it solves your problem just have a look at it :

    Verizon LG Voyager firmware update

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    Re: LG Voyager doesn't show up on my computer

    I hope you have now learned how to transfer file from computer to phone. If not then after connecting to the the computer & installing the software you just need to select the file & right click on it & select send to your mobile phone.....! Hope now it solved your complete problem if require any further assistance just post it here....!

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