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Old 01-07-2009
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How to Take apart a Motorola q9c

Hello , i Have Motorola q9c Phone , it Has Lots of dust Accumulated inside , Can you tell me how can i Disassemble my Motorola Q9c phone , i want to Clean my phone by taking it apart all it part , please help me Thanks in advance
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Old 01-07-2009
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Re: How to Take apart a Motorola q9c

How to take apart your Q9c or Q9m. This guide is primarily for cleaning dust off of the inside of the screen, but may be used as a general guide for disassembling your phone and/or replacing the screen or LCD panel. This guide should be used for educational purposes only and I take no responsibility for any damage you may cause to your phone in this process. Doing any of the following procedure may void your warranty and could easily destroy your phone. This guide and pictures are based on the Q9c, but should still apply to the Q9m.

Things you'll need:
  1. T6 Torx (star) screwdriver ($3 at Sears, somewhat hard to find in other stores, $4 on eBay shipped)
  2. Cleaning solution (I used 90% rubbing alcohol)
  3. Lint free cloth and/or Q-tips
  4. Pocketknife or razor blade
  5. A steady hand
  6. A clean, well-lit, static free work area (static can damage electronics)

Once you have everything together, let's get started.
  1. Wash your hands and make sure your tools are clean. You want to get rid of the dirt, not introduce new dirt or fingerprints.
  2. clean the outside of your screen. It may be hard to tell if the dirt is inside or outside, and it will be much easier to clean the outside now.
  3. Turn off your phone, remove the battery cover, battery, and any miniSD card if present.
  4. Remove the top half of the back cover. This cover slides off towards the top in exactly the opposite direction of the battery door. Do not attempt to pry it away from the back of the phone. There are a couple of access holes that can be used to help slide it. The clear plastic that covers the camera sensor, light sensor, and "flash" is all part of this same piece.

For Details informatio Check this thread
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Old 01-07-2009
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Re: How to Take apart a Motorola q9c

Hello , Check this video on youtube , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZNq9_XpcFg
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