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Thread: Motorola q battery wont charge

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    Greg cramer Guest

    Motorola q battery wont charge


    My motorola moto Q has stop charging, yesterday i connected Moto Q to the charger for about 6 hours but when i saw it in the early morning the phone was switched off. Has anyone else had their Q plugged in for several hours and come back to find it wasn't charging at all ? I dont know What is wrong.

    Please help me!!!!!!!

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    Re: Motorola q battery wont charge

    Hey did you use the charger with other motorola phone ? if its working with other motorola phone then its your battery which is giving problem. you will have to change it. buy the original Motorola Moto Q battery it comes with 1 year warranty.

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    Greg cramer Guest

    Re: Motorola q battery wont charge

    thanks for the reply the motorola Moto Q charger is not compatible with any other phone. my phone is under warranty so i am taking it to motorola store so that it could exchange it with the new battery. also i am planning to buy extended battery for Motorola Moto Q.

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