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Thread: Lenovo ThinkPad T400

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    Lenovo ThinkPad T400

    The manufacturer Lenovo has announced a new laptop called the Thinkpad T400.

    This laptop is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo with up to 8GB of DDR3 over two slots.

    The display screen on the 14.1-inch WXGA + is the charge circuit video Intel GMA 4500m. For connection to the Internet, we can choose between the wired network via the RJ-45 or Wi-Fi wireless network storage of data is assigned to a hard drive to 250 GB to 5 working 400 revolutions per minute or a disk SSD up to 128GB. It was also the choice between a DVD or a Blu-ray and having a memory card reader 5-in-1. All in a black finish and 1.77 kg on the scale.

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    Re: Lenovo ThinkPad T400

    Specifications of Lenovo Thinkpad T400:-
    • LCD 14.1 inches or 35.8 cm
    • Display in a WXGA + resolution
    • Intel Core 2 Duo SP9400 or SP9600 running at 2.40 GHz or 2.53
    • RAM: up to 8 GB of DDR3 clocked 066 MHz 1 through 2 slots
    • Graphics: Intel GMA chip 4500m
    • Networking: smart chip Ethernet and Wi-Fi
    • SATA HDD 120 / 250 GB operating at 5 400 rpm drive or SSD 64 / 18 GB
    • Memory Card Reader 5-in-1
    • DVD or Blu-ray
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Fingerprint reader
    • Weight: 1.77 kg
    • Autonomy: up to 8:30
    • Battery Lithium-Ion 6 cells
    • Operating system: Windows Vista or Windows XP

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