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Thread: Motorola cell phone locked

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    Motorola cell phone locked

    Hello friends,

    I have recently receive Motorola mobile phone from one of my friend as my birthday gift but whenever i am trying to insert my Airtel Card it's saying to enter unlock Code, when i try to ask my friend about the code he don't have any idea about it. Does anyone has any idea how to unlock Motorola cell phone then please reply to my post. Thanks in Advance.

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    Unlock Motorola Phones with Windows

    There are many ways you can unlock your Motorola mobile phone by calling up your Service provider, Unlock the phone yourself using software tools and a USB cable or Online cable unlocking services etc.

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    Unlock Motorola cell phone

    If you want you can unlock you code by yourself by using data cable before that you need to install the USB drivers by going to From here extract the file named as Motorola_EU_Driver_Installation.msi and run the program. Once the installation is completed close the wizard and reboot you computer. Now click on Start then All Programs Motorola Driver installer then Motorola Driver Installer.exe, now the package will initial and clean the system. Now to unlock your phone you need to install some more software Download and install P2K program and at the same time also install P2K commander and P2KTools along with it. Also make sure your phone is connected and no other software are running in background. Now new hardware wizard will rung and will install a software called as RSD lite. Click on NO and choose install the Software Automatically and click on Next and finally click on Finish. Repeat the same procedure for Test command interface and click on Finish. Finally the P2k drivers are now fully installed and the P2k programs should recognize your handset and will unlock your phone.

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