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Thread: FinePix Z300 - TouchScreen Digital Camera

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    FinePix Z300 - TouchScreen Digital Camera

    FujiFilm have announced their latest compact camera, the FinePix Z300, a button free 10-megapixel point-and-shoot with a 5.7x optical zoom and 3-inch touchscreen preview screen.The Z300 is the world’s first camera that allows users to take photos by simply touching the screen.This 10MP camera with its 3.0" LCD and 5x (36-180mm equiv.) optical zoom incorporates features such as Image Stabilisation, an improved macro mode and Infrared Connectivity. Users can touch configure the setting, snap photos and slide the images for replay conveniently using just their finger tips.The camera is available in Pink, White Gold, Purple and Glossy Black, but currently only in the Japanese market.

    In addition, the Fujifilm Z300 oozes luxury, from its retro design and beautifully sculpted curves to the unique sliding lens cover with a cool ‘Z’ motif. The rounded corners of the camera give a smooth and classy exterior and the ultra-flat design means it will neatly fit in to a jean pocket or bag. The camera lens is 10MP point-and-shoot with a 5.7x optical zoom which is capable of recording VGA quality video at 30fps.

    It also features 31MB memory space, support for SD/SDHC cards, touch-focus control, automatic scene selection support for PictBridge photo printing and face detection which can detect up to 10 individual faces.It also offers ISO settings up to 1600, scene recognition AUTO, group/couple self-timer modes, auto red-eye removal and intelligent file management system.A cool feature that hasn’t been seen much if at all is a mode called Blog Mode which allows users to resize the images right on the camera so they are ready for easy web upload.The sleek and modern Fujifilm FinePix Z300 is priced at about $400 and will be available by the end of June.

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    Re: FinePix Z300 - TouchScreen Digital Camera

    FinePix Z300 also has touch-focus control, automatic scene selection and face detection for up to 10 individual faces. It can even recognize faces when they’re in profile, oblique and upside-down. Onboard storage is 31MB, augmented by an SD/SDHC card slot.The smart file management system allows users to do quick search for image files via its unique Fujifilm Z300’s search facility.

    Users can do various search options such as search by date, face, close-up, group search, scene search, split in to face, landscape, night and macro.It has limited to 640×480 pixel for video recording. Finepix Z300 compact camera has shake correction function built into the 1/2.3 CCD sensor.Users are given 5 different folders to store and manage their images. For instance, the Blog Mode folder will resize the stored images for users to upload easily online.

    • 10 Megapixels
    • 5x optical zoom
    • ISO up to 1600
    • 3” Touch Screen Panel
    • Sleek and modern design
    • File Management

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    Re: FinePix Z300 - TouchScreen Digital Camera

    In FinePix Z300 by touching and sliding the touch screen in playback mode, images can be viewed easily and smoothly.It is equipped with 10-megapixels and 5x optical zoom as before, as well as image stabalization, an improved macro mode, ISO settings up to 1600 and four different colors to choose from.

    FinePix Z300 Specs

    1. Face Detection of Up to 10 faces, even detecting oblique or upside down faces
    2. Supports PictBridge for Photo Printing
    3. 31 MB Internal Memory; Supports both SD and SDHC Cards
    4. Organise, Browse and Reorder images directly on camera’s touchscreen
    5. Dimension : 92 X 56.5 X 18.5 mm
    6. Weight : 150 g
    7. Sensor : 10 MP 1/2.3 CCD sensor
    8. Optical Zoom : 5.7 X
    9. ISO : 100 to 1600
    10. 3 Inch Touchscreen Preview
    11. VGA Video at 30 fps
    12. Touch Focus Control
    13. Automatic Scene Selection

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