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Thread: Download Pdf Reader For Psp

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    Download Pdf Reader For Psp

    Hello , I want to read some Ebook In my PSp, initially i thought i would not be able to read them , but later my freind that there are many application that will allow you to read the pdf files in psp , i Have search the net but cannot find the software please provide me with the pdf reader for psp Thanks in advance

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    Re: Download Pdf Reader For Psp

    Hello , yup You Can Use a Pdf Reader Called as Bookr , A document reader for the Sony PSP with native PDF rendering.

    Download From Here

    it has support for PDF files with Chinese, Japanese and Korean text.
    it has a memory usage counter.
    it has single line scroll for the analog pad in the text viewer.
    Bookr will now try to block images from loading in PDF files when it is running low on memory.

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    Re: Download Pdf Reader For Psp

    There is a another way also you can use Handy Pdf that is a FREE desktop application that converts pdf files to jpeg images to read on handheld devices like PSP. It is written in Java, and at the moment can run under Windows platform.

    • Each page is in a different jpeg file
    • Negating result for longer battery life
    • Configurable dpi
    • Group generated jpeg files in folders

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    Re: Download Pdf Reader For Psp

    PDF 2 PSP is a simple tool for converting PDF documents and print outs into JPEG images suitable for displaying on the Sony PSP handheld game console. This allows you to download e-books, game manuals, album liners, etcetera to your PSP. Once they're on your PSP, you can read them anywhere - on the bus, at your desk, or on your couch. Because of the extensive PDF support built right into OS X, any document you can print can be stored as a PDF and converted and downloaded to your PSP
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