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Thread: Hide folders in nokia 5310

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    Hide folders in nokia 5310

    hi i want to hide folder in my Nokia it possible??
    if so can some on post how to do that???

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    Re: Hide folders in nokia 5310

    you can use a software to hide a folder i recommend you
    File Hide Jar Nokia 5310 is an easy to use folder lock used to hide files and folders from unauthorized use. This file and folder lock software will allow you to easily hide your most sensitive data files and prevent anyone from seeing them. With a password protection feature, you can easily lock and unlock the folders of your choice without worrying about anyone seeing your files!

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    Re: Hide folders in nokia 5310

    Simple way of hiding a folder in symbian 40 devices is to change the folder name extension...
    Folder wanted to be hide image1
    change the folder name from image1 to image1.otb
    good luck

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    Re: Hide folders in nokia 5310

    Folder Lock Ness 3.1
    Folder Lock Ness is security software to password protect and lock folders against unwanted access. Folder Lock Ness will both secure your folders against accidental deletion and deny other users from copying them.

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