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Thread: How to activate Gprs and MMS on Airtel Prepaid

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    deadman Guest

    How to activate Gprs and MMS on Airtel Prepaid

    How to activate Gprs and MMS on Airtel Prepaid?
    plz help their service just started and i dont know how to do it
    I have an e700 n3220 and c100

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    ask thier customer care, they will do the activation..u will need to download the settings for the same..
    Also sure to check whether they offering GPRS for prepaid services...

    In my area GPRS not offered for prepaid as well as Rs.75/month for MMS...

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    deadman Guest
    I think its same here
    Boo Hoo
    And i tried customer care b4 postin but no reply

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    Normally u hav to send the word "MMS" by sms to the same for "MO"..(abbreviation for Mobile office)...atleast tht is the procedure in pune circle...but call customer care b4 sending the sms n ask them to activate ur GPRS n MMS...they usually say tht it wil be done in 24 hrs..wait for tht much time n call them again n ask if its activated..when they say yes..send the sms..u'll get some settings by it n switch off ur phone for 2 mins...then switch it on..check ur gprs/wap browser settings..u shud get the settings..

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    IceFusion Guest
    Get Airtel masala up airtel customer care..they will give u all the details...if u cant get thru to Customer care...go to an Airtel customer centre...they will help u there...

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