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Thread: Kodak z980 vs Nikon p90

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    Kodak z980 vs Nikon p90


    I want to buy a new camera, and i am confused between this two cameras, Kodak z980 vs Nikon p90. both cameras are offers 24x optical zoom and others features are also same. price is almost same. Nikon P90 is a improved version of Nikon P80. Well you cant zoom while taking videos on P80, which was the worst part of that camera, i dont know weather i can zoom while taking video in P90 or Kodak z980. can yo please tell me which brand is more reliable ?

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    Re: Kodak z980 vs Nikon p90

    You better go with Kodak z980 its a much more advanced then Nikon P90. Kodak z980 64 Mb internal memory where Nikon p90 has only 47 mb. Kodak z980 also supports HD video recording where Nikon supports only 640 x 480 pixels / 30 fps. in every aspect The Kodak seems to be more favorable then Nikon P90.

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    Re: Kodak z980 vs Nikon p90

    The Kodak beats the Nikon P90. In the face of such tough rivals, it’s hard to recommend the COOLPIX P90 over them. There is no No optical zoom support when filming video. also it has very short battery life. go with Kodak z980.There are simply better super-zooms available right now.

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