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Thread: Error 99 on canon camera

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    Error 99 on canon camera

    I am having Canon rebel camera with me and early i was able to take photograph from it.But few days a ago i have bought 2gb Card for my and started to take pictures from my camera.But after sometime i don't know what happen to my canon camera i got a error 99 on my screen.So i thought that there would be some issue with new Card with my friends canon camera and it was working fine.Can anyone help me out with this issue.

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    Re: Error 99 on canon camera

    Did you made any changes in your camera settings because many a times error 99 comes even when you have change your battery too.So check that you have properly replace your battery.

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    Re: Error 99

    I was also facing such kind of issue and i phone up Canon customer care and they told me to follow the below steps and then it was working for me.
    • Turn off the camera.
    • Remove the lens, battery, and CF card.
    • Allow the camera to sit without power for approximately 20 minutes.
    • Insert a fully charged battery, and turn on the camera.
    • Depress the shutter button as you would to take a picture.

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