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Thread: Canon rebel xt vs. xti

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    Canon rebel xt vs. xti


    I planning to buy digital SLR camera. I am still a noob in photography, Ive decided to either buy the Nikkon D60, Canon Rebel XT or Canon EOS 400D / XTi. These are within my price range and also it has the feature to improve my skills in photography. My main question, although I may come back here with others, is whether there is a significant difference between the XT and the XTi?

    Thank you

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    Re: Canon rebel xt vs. xti

    The XTi is the best one (IMO). Large screen, bigger buffer, a 10MP sensor etc. The new self cleaning sensor is a big plus.The XTi is supposed to fix an autofocus problem with the XT, where the latter could be very slow finding focus at times. Having a camera that can autofocus quickly and reliably is important. The Rebel XT autofocus works well for most average Rebel users. but not for the experts.

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    Re: Canon rebel xt vs. xti

    The auto focus on the XTi should be quite a bit better than on the XT as well . AF performance is the biggest drawback to the XT IMO.The difference is not great. There are superficial improvements. The biggest loss is the loss of the top LCD. Having said that, the top LCD was not back lit. The rear LCD is so - not a great loss.

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    Re: Canon rebel xt vs. xti

    More pixels in the same space = more noise. I'd consider the XTi a lateral upgrade. The autofocus is only improved if you're using an f2.8 lens or faster. The biggest difference other than the increased megapixels, was in the new focusing module in the XTi. The XTi has a very much improved focusing accuracy over the XT, which tends to not be as good as today's XTI.

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