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Thread: How to play itunes songs on a USB Stick

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    How to play itunes songs on a USB Stick

    i bought a Clarion CZ309 with a front mounted USB port. I have bought a USB memory stick and what I would like to do is put one of my playlists on the USB stick and leave it in my glove box permanently, so I don't always have to take my Ipod with me.I was wondering if it would possible to put music onto the drive and play it through iTunes. Do you know how to play itunes songs on a usb stick ?

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    Re: How to play itunes songs on a USB Stick

    To play itunes songs on a USB stick, you need to installing iTunes on a flash drive and create autorun files for auto-launching iTunes from the USB stick.but before that make sure, songs must MP3 files, because most songs you buy from the Itunes store are their own AAC format. Try converting a CD with Itunes. You need to set the Importing settings to MP3 format.First create a Autorun file by typing this in a notepad and save it as Autorun.inf:
    action=Mobile iTunes
    label=Mobile iTunes
    shell\open=Mobile iTunes
    Now you need to create a Batch file which is required to automatically run iTunes upon connection of the USB do so, type this in a notepad and save it as iTunes_mobile.bat.
    set APPDATA=%~dp0Application Data
    if not exist “%~dp0Application Data” mkdir “%~dp0Application Dataset HOMEPATH=%~dp0Documents and Settings
    if not exist “%~dp0Documents and Settings” mkdir “%~dp0Documents and Settingsset USERPROFILE=%~dp0
    echo starting iTunes
    start \iTunes_programs\iTunes.exe
    After creating this two files, its time to install iTunes but not on USB stick, install it on your PC.While iTunes is installing on your PC go over to the USB drive and create a folder named ‘iTunes_Programs‘.Once iTunes installation is completed, go to c:/Program files/iTunes and copy every files and folders in the USB stick and name it as iTunes_Programs.Now create a new folder in the USB and drag the iTunesSetup file into this folder and name it as iTunes_Installer.

    Now run the iTunes_mobile.bat file, this will open iTunes with a blank library.You will notice that additional files will be created automatically in the USb stick.Now drag-n-drop everything from the host computer under /My Documents/My Music/iTunes Music/ to the USB drive under /My Documents/My Music/iTunes/iTunes/iTunes Music/ .Once the copy process is complete run the iTunes_mobile.bat file again and everything will appear in it’s place. Simply double click the ‘iTunes_mobile.bat‘ file.

    Now reconnect the USB drive and you will see a autorun with option Mobile iTunes. Thats it.. When you will click on Mobile iTunes , iTunes will launch and use the library from your USB flash drive. you are done..

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    Re: How to play itunes songs on a USB Stick

    If you plan to mostly use your thumbdrive for your music, I would strongly recommend against using iTunes to purchase your music. It will just make the conversion more hassle than it's worth.Just drag and drop. Open the playlist, edit->select all, then drag them out of itunes and into a Finder (mac) or Explorer (Windows) window, and you'll get all the mp3's dumped into the folder you drop them in.

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    Re: How to play itunes songs on a USB Stick

    To play the iTunes songs on USB stick,you'll have to convert the music to mp3. A good software will cost about $40.00, so you might as well by the IPOD shuffle for $60.00.What would be your best bet to fast fix this is load up your MP3s onto your iTunes, rate them or make your play lists the way you want. And then export the library to your hard drive or even your USB drive.

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    idea Re: How to play itunes songs on a USB Stick

    I have a mac and all I did was open Finder, click on the home icon (house usually with the name of your mac beside it), select music, iTunes, and copied the entire file to my usb stick (16 GB). It plays perfectly fine on my new Alpine system.

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    Re: How to play itunes songs on a USB Stick

    Hi there, I imported CDs with itunes on my Mac as MP3 but when I copy the album to my USB drive to play on my car stereo, it only plays the first song of the album and then skips through 2,3,4,... to the end and then just jumps to the next song of the next album. I cannot see why it's not playing all the songs. If I take CDs that were converted on my wifes windows machine, they work fine and all songs in the album are played.
    Can someone help me to find out what is going on here? If I plug the USB stick into my mac, I can play all songs on it no problem.

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