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Thread: Canon 620 Error "No Memory Card"

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    Canon 620 Error "No Memory Card"

    I am facing an issue with my Canon PowerShot A620,early everything was working.But today when i removed my memory card from my cannon A620 digital camera for storing those images.After storing images on my Computer when i inserted my SD Card and turn ON my camera i got a message as No Memory Card.I don't know what has happen wrong with my Card.Does anyone has got such kind of message when they insert there memory Card in there Camera.

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    Re: Canon 620 Error "No Memory Card"

    It might happen that you card file system has being changed normally your card read only FAT 16 and when you format your card from your computer by default it takes FAT 32 that's why you are getting No memory Card.Formatting your Card would solve the issue , but make sure while formatting you select FAT 16 file system.

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    Re: Canon 620 Error "No Memory Card"

    I have try to do that too but still facing same issue,I have also try to use the same card on another card and it was working fine.I asked some of my friends about the issue they told me there is some settings which you need to do into you camera so that you won't get any messages.

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    Re: Camera Error :No Memory Card

    Try to use the following steps:-

    1. Try to turn on your menu and look at the first Menu screen to the left.Now look for the Shoot w/o memory card option and set it to Off.
    2. Now select No memory card setting.
    3. Finally select on LOCK Release locked option and press the OK.Next time you won't get the No memory card message again.

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