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Thread: Creative Vado HD vs Flip Mino HD

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    Creative Vado HD vs Flip Mino HD

    So far I have these films always with my digital camera Canon Digital IXUS 70, which indeed primarily fact, a camera is. But in my opinion, both the picture and sound from the videos are very good returns, although the highest resolution "only" 640 x 480 points.

    Because of the - at the present state of the art low - resolution and the fact that I am on a 2 GB memory card not 20 minutes in question, had I considered whether I should be an alternative growth.

    Regardless of the technical data I found that quite amusing, for example, that you are in a flip-Store the Mino apparently at no extra charge can design themselves.

    Then I thought of the Creative Vado HD. This is the camera, the picture from the newspaper reporter for the reader is recommended.

    It gives me not much but if I get two cameras (which I always realistically only a can at the same time), then if this one is not so great. Because the reports on the Vado HD, which I've found on the net, not really sounded convincing:

    Since then I hope a little punk on the video, recently, the Flip Mino editorial in the daily HD has tested and probably also the Creative Vado HD (as well as the Kodak Zx1) would like to test.

    Until then, perhaps I should just look for bigger memory cards - the technical data that would have even 16 GB or even 32 GB cards for the SDHC standard fit 3.

    What you say guys ....

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    Re: Creative Vado HD vs Flip Mino HD

    The Flip Mino HD films in high definition, but please understand that with a grain of salt to take. The image contains 1280 x 720 pixels (mp4 file with AVC codec, more than 10 mbit per second), but lacks an optical zoom and the mini-lens shows very little light. Filming in dusky environments is not easy. The colors and the extent of wide scope, not against, but you miss the quick movements correction tricks that much more expensive cameras have. The mono microphone does its work and submit for the sniff and gehijg the filmmaker finds (Have the team was cold during the test). Another drawback: the 1.5 inch LCD screen is too small for recording on him.

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    Re: Creative Vado HD vs Flip Mino HD

    I have the Mino HD and am well satisfied with it. The only thing I'm missing is image stabilization, if you shoot longer than ga you vibrate rapidly and that is annoying to longer movies. But most movies are short and therefore I am satisfied with my Mino HD.

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