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Thread: Information on Dell Inspiron 9 Mini Laptop

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    Information on Dell Inspiron 9 Mini Laptop

    Any one heard about Dell Mini 9 laptops. I want some information on this series of dell laptops. Like its size, configuration, cost, etc. What are the more features it is equipped with. I am using a regular dell inspiron laptop and quite excited about the smaller series. It came into notice that there some cost fluctuation in the mini 9 laptops. I want some details on Dell Mini 9 laptops with Ubuntu OS.

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    Re: Information on Dell Inspiron 9 Mini Laptop

    The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 comes with version ov Ubuntu with 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor at a price range of $349. It includes all features which make it your favorite notebook. It also includes a webcoma and stylish look. The size of the screen is one of the smallest. It is 8.9 inch. It aslo one of the lightest notebooks weighing around 2.3 pounds. The glossy 8.9 inch with 1024x600 pixel resolution screen gives and enough space t fix windows to size and work. It much brighter also.

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    Re: Information on Dell Inspiron 9 Mini Laptop

    The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 notebooks with 8.9 inch screen are really impressive. It comes with 1.6 GHz n270 Intel Atom Processor, 1GB DDR2 RAM, Ubuntu 8.04 Linux with Dell Interface, 8.9 Inch LED screen, 8GB miniPCI SSD care, intel integrated grahics, wi-fi, card reader, and much more at a starting price range of $ 434. It has the same glossy looks as all other Dell products have. The size and design is quiet good. You can upgrade the product easily as per your choice. It comes with the Linux Ubuntu OS and many other applications. It also available in Windows. Normally most low price notebooks have problems with keyboard. The Dell Mini laptop has a full functioned keyboard and touchpad. It is very flexible with good space. The notebook has all ports relevant to other machines.

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    Re: Information on Dell Inspiron 9 Mini Laptop

    Dell Mini 9 laptops are very portable to carry out and work with. The looks and style of the system is eye catching. It is thin, light in weight, and trendy. Bundled with intel atom processor, ubunto OS, 1.3 mega pixel camera, 1Year limited warranty, etc. These series notebooks are productive. Dell has reduced the keyboards size to 92% as compare to the regular one. It also has advance wireless supports. It has a glossy plastic lid which gives a magnetic touch to the fingers. 4 cell battery for better battery support. We can say that it is small and light, easy to use, durable, and a sensitive touchpad. It is an satisfying product with well functioned hardware and upgradable units.

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