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Thread: How do i install Garmin's nuvi free Update Map

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    How do i install Garmin's nuvi free Update Map

    I would like to know that how do i install free Garmin's nuvi free Update Map on my system. What are requirements and what are the procedure for doing so? Does any body knows about it? kindly provide me the correct information on the above issue. Would be grateful to you if any body helps me out to resolve the above issue.

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    Re: How do i install Garmin's nuvi free Update Map

    Using a USB cable (you don't have to use the one that came with the GPS, any one will do), connect the GPS to the computer, and wait until the computer finishes detecting it (30-60 seconds).
    • Then try to launch the Map Update 2009 program.
    • After downloading the update, Garmin will provide you a serial number. Keep this number safely, because you will require it in a minute.
    • Then Click on Next to continue the installer.
    • Then Check the box accepting the Software and Data License Agreement and then click on Next to continue.
    • In order,if your Garmin GPS needs any software updates, such as updated firmware, the installer will automatically download it and install it on your GPS.
    • If your GPS needs a firmware update, the installer will prompt you to disconnect the GPS so it can complete the firmware update, and then re-connect the GPS so the map update can be continued.
    • Then enter the product key Garmin provided online, or found on the green sticker on the back of your DVD case.
    • The update takes a long time. This is normal and the installing the update takes around 1.5 hours to get completed.
    • Now you can disconnect the GPS and then click on Finish on the computer in order to exit the installer process.
    • Now verify that your GPS has been updated to the new "City Navigator North America NT 2008" maps, disconnect the GPS from the computer, power it on, tap on the wrench icon --> Map --> Map Info. You will be able to see "City Navigator North America NT 2009" listed on it.

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    Re: How do i install Garmin's nuvi free Update Map

    You can download Garmin's nuvi free Update Map from Garmin official web site. So if you want the update, go to Garmin’s website and register it and put any date after March 1st and then it will allow you to download the update for free. You have to create an account with Garmin. You do this when you register your unit. Also, your account will have the unlock code. Even if someone sends you the file, you can’t use it without the unlock code that Garmin provides.

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    Re: How do i install Garmin's nuvi free Update Map

    Can I get the update and then use it on a second nuvi?


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    Re: How do i install Garmin's nuvi free Update Map

    I have a following solution by which you can install amps in Garmin. I had seen this steps are also applicable for other drives. I hope you can try this on your device. The steps which I will mention here will help you to update maps on your Garmin GPS device. You will require Garmin City Navigator 2012.40, Garmin Unlocked IMG File for this purpose. For get the map file and download the same on your system. This are the map source file which consist of all area. You will need to find the unlocked version of maps. Extract the file and then open the folder /2012.10 Source/. This is the place where you can find a install.exe application. This exe file will install the app in C:\Documents and Settings\(USER)\Application Data\Garmin\Maps. Once you are done you had unlocked all the maps. Mapsource will run a window from where you will need to choose map tool. Choose the areas which you want to copy to your device and then click on Transfer > Send to Device.

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    Re: How do i install Garmin's nuvi free Update Map

    It is must easier that Garmin City Navigator 2012.40. The steps which are mentioned above are fine. I had tried that it worked to update maps. All you need to find is valid map files which can be loaded properly inside the device. Or else you might face issue while loading any maps. I had tried to find local maps but they are not easy to locate unless they are provided by Garmin itself.

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