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Thread: Samsung adds Twitter widget to TVs

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    Samsung adds Twitter widget to TVs

    Samsung has quietly been Twitter widget@Internet-TV with an expanded online service. The widget can be examined from the easy chair with the TV remote Twitter messages posted or read.

    The widget is already available since May 1 and the Korean manufacturer says the first TV manufacturer that Twitter functionality to its TV offering. Users can free widget on the shortcut bar of their unit locations.

    Samsung already allows you to access YouTube, Flickr and Yahoo! services via Samsung Internet@ TVs, but a Twitter widget could be seriously useful to watch feeds of your friends roll in in realtime. Or seriously annoying if you’ve recorded Match Of The Day and don’t want to know the scores.

    Only the new TV sets from Samsung that Internet @ TV support for, the Twitter widget use. These all flat screens of the 6 -, 7 - and 8-series, with the exception of the 6-series of LED TV line.

    Samsung could not say whether there are other widgets for @ Internet-TV service in the pipeline. "We are constantly working to offer new content and purpose is in any case, the supply of widgets to expand".

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    Re: Samsung adds Twitter widget to TVs

    Despite me not really seem easy to tweets to type on a remote control, is of course an interesting development of new widgets are added to these TVs. Does anyone know if you even if third-party programs can / should write for TV?

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    Re: Samsung adds Twitter widget to TVs

    MySpace tries their social network to the mass market, which threatens to fail .. Maybe facebook will get off .. same story ..

    So is that Twitter also .. It is an idea, the idea of Real-Time Internet. And that idea is, in my opinion 100x more interesting than all the previous ideas so far on the Internet.

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