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Old 20-05-2009
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Sprint announced the release date and price of Palm Pre mobile phone

The sale of the Pre, the long-awaited smartphone from Palm, will be June 6 in the United States start. Sprint Nextel, which it combined with a two year subscription will make that published.

There are already several months past the release dates for Pre Palm, but now, Sprint Nextel, the U.S. mobile phone provider who will carry the official date of the paintings done. From June 6, the smartphone in combination with a two-year subscription for 200 dollars in the Sprint Stores of the provider, but also in various web shops and retailers. The release date seems strategically chosen: two days later, the kick-off of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, where possible, a new iPhone is announced.

Palm shall, on June 6, some accessories for the pre on the market, as the 70 dollar cost Touchstone inductive charger, which the wireless device to load. Pre will use any 3g services from Sprint, including Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV, and Nascar Sprint Cup Mobile Live.

Palm, the pre-start this year at the CES trade show for. The apparatus and especially the Linux-based operating system WebOS makes impression, since the device is as a formidable adversary for the iPhone, the Blackberry Storm and the Android smart phones.

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Old 20-05-2009
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 571
Re: Sprint announced the release date and price of Palm Pre mobile phone

Palm Pre: A New Kind of Phone

The new webOS platform introduces Palm Synergy?, a key feature that brings together your personal and professional calendar, contacts and e-mail into one centralized view, making transitions between work and personal life smooth and easy to manage.

With Palm Synergy, users get:

Linked contacts ? With Synergy, you have a single view that links your contacts from a variety of sources, so accessing them is easier than ever. For example, if you have the same contact listed in your Outlook(3), Google and Facebook accounts, Synergy recognizes that they?re the same person and links the information, presenting it to you as one listing.
Layered calendars ? Your calendars can be seen on their own or layered together in a single view, combining work, family, friends, sports teams, or other interests. You can toggle to look at one calendar at a time, or see them all at a glance.

Combined messaging ? Synergy lets you see all your conversations with the same person in a chat-style view, even if it started in IM and you want to reply with text messaging. You can also see who?s active in a buddy list right from contacts or e-mail, and start a new conversation with just one touch.

Palm webOS lets you keep multiple activities open and move easily between them like flipping through a deck of cards. You can move back and forth between text messaging and e-mail, or search the web while you listen to music. You can rearrange items simply by dragging them, and when you are done with something, just throw it away by flicking it off the top of the screen.

Finding what you need is also easy with universal search ? as you type what you?re looking for, webOS narrows your search and offers results from both your device and the web.(4) WebOS crushes the barriers to true mobile computing.

?Pre is truly a new phone for a new web-centric age,? said Ed Colligan, Palm president and chief executive officer. ?We?re a mobile society, and we want our people, calendars and information to move with us. With Pre?s exquisite design and the unique webOS software, running on Sprint?s fast broadband network, we?re changing the perception of what a wireless phone can be.?

Pre comes with a charger in the box, but for anyone tired of plugging a cord into their wireless phone, Palm introduces the Touchstone? charging dock, the first inductive charging solution for phones, available exclusively for Pre. Simply set Pre down on top of the dock without worrying about connection, orientation or fit. Pre is active while charging, so you can access the touch screen, watch movies or video, or use the speakerphone. Set Pre on the charging dock when you?re on a call, and the speakerphone automatically turns on; when you take a ringing Pre off the dock, Pre automatically answers the call. Other mobile operating systems allow multitasking, but Palm has developed an intuitive method of switching between "cards,? which resemble clicking different tabs on a Web browser. New applications can be launched easily using the "Launcher" software button at the bottom of the home screen, and users navigate between different applications.

With nearly every wireless device today you have to exit one application completely before you can use another. That?s not what people are accustomed to; think of your PC and all the applications you can have open at one time.

Pre: The latest NOW Network milestone for Sprint

Pre also lets you access feature-rich Sprint content on the Sprint Now Network, including exclusive applications such as:
  • Sprint Navigation(5)
  • Sprint TV
  • NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile Live

?Sprint?s Now Network brings you America?s most dependable 3G network, the largest push-to-talk community, and in selected markets Sprint is the only national carrier bringing 4G to life in 2009,?(6) Hesse said. ?The Now Network is more than just a physical network ? it?s also data plans that are all-inclusive, eliminating fear of data overages and a perfect fit for Palm Pre users.?

Sprint?s networks are now performing at best-ever levels, and Sprint?s high-value Everything data plans consistently beat AT&T?s and Verizon?s comparable plans in savings by hundreds, even thousands, of dollars over two years. With the revolutionary launch of Ready Now, which Sprint pioneered, customers leave the store educated, comfortable and confident about the phones they?re about to take home. As a result of these measures and more, Sprint customer satisfaction indices ? from first call resolution to billing satisfaction, from customer care response time to service and repair ? have all significantly improved during the past year.

Pricing and Availability

The Palm Pre phone will be available from Sprint on June 6 for $199.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new two-year service agreement on an Everything Data plan or Business Essentials with Messaging and Data plan. An array of compelling accessories also will be available for Pre, including the Palm Touchstone charging dock. The Touchstone? Charging Kit, which includes the Touchstone charging dock and Touchstone back cover for Pre, will be available June 6 for $69.99. The Touchstone charging dock and Touchstone back cover also are available separately from Palm for $49.99 and $19.99, respectively.
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