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Thread: What is BES service in Blackberry phone

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    What is BES service in Blackberry phone

    A colleagues of mine is using Blackberry pearl mobile phone. He manage his mails through his mobile phone. It is quiet comfortable to carry a portable thing instead of a Laptop. According to him, by activating the BES service of Blackberry mobile phone one can send and receive mail anywhere. As i too thinking of getting one of them. I want to know more about the BES service of Blackberry mobile. What more does it has. What are the ways to configure a BES on Blackberry mobile phones.

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    Re: What is BES service in Blackberry phone

    A Blackberry is phone which comes with integrated software. These applications enable to access mails and other communication services. BES stands for Business Entreprise Server. BES is designed to securely connect organizations, wireless network, applications, devices, etc. By activation the BES you can receive and send your emails via Blackberry phone anywhere in any place. It provide additional application like a mail client like contacts, address books, etc. It also allow a third party instant messaging servers. It is not necessary to create an email account on the official Blackberry site. You can configure your existing email account by configuring the email settings.

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    Re: What is BES service in Blackberry phone

    If your planning for smart phone go for it. It quiet a popular phone in the market. It is a perfect way to stay connected with each other. The Business Enterprise Server helps to get mails on your phone. If your working with a organization the BES makes to stay connected with the server of your organization every moment. By this your sync your mails to your computer via wireless anywhere. You can also view your pages place in your computer via BES. The more I.T policy in the BES terms you agree the more you are secure. Also anytime you can surf the internet and view your best web pages anywhere by the BIS service of blackberry. All in all Blackberry smart phones are quiet comfortable with many application for a business use.


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    Re: What is BES service in Blackberry phone

    Most people use the Blackberry phone on a small business environment. But if you decided to go for BES then do the steps. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server provides corporate uses with wireless exchange to the emails accout.
    Do the following steps :
    • Enable your phone to receive BlackBerry Connect email settings
    • Insert the CD you received with your Blackberry phone.
    • Install the software from the autorun window.
    • Setup as per the instruction shown by the installation wizzard. The wizzard configure your account to receive the mails.

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