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Thread: Lenovo Thinkpad vs Dell Latitude

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    Lenovo Thinkpad vs Dell Latitude

    I am looking forward to buy a laptop i have two options one is Lenovo Thinkpad and other is Dell Latitude .

    In ThinkPad i have X Series option and in Dell i got Latitude E6400. Which one you think is the best ? I going to buy two and need it now please help .

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    Re: Lenovo Thinkpad vs Dell Latitude

    Both the Thinkpad and Latitude pretty good ,, but if you have to chose one, from me it is dell . The Lenovo has a better GPU but if you are not looking for that then dell is for you it would be better value and better support.

    The Dell thinkpad got HiCap battery, it sticks out about 1.1" and is as thick as the base of the laptop. Because of that the life of the battery goes big and the battery also serves as a handle.

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    Re: Lenovo Thinkpad vs Dell Latitude

    Dell had some previous durability issues i have face many problem with my dell lattitude but it wasnt very resilient i had problem in my speaker wires they were chop by opening and closing . i think Dell Latitude isnt the worth so please go with Lenovo Thinkpad

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