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Thread: VLC Remote allows control of multimedia application for iPhone / iPod touch

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    VLC Remote allows control of multimedia application for iPhone / iPod touch

    Many probably know the Remote Apps for iPhone / iPod Touch. Doe VLC Remote is also one of these great Apps. For those who have this nice tool will not know, I is here. In short, the app for the control of the VLC player via iPhone or iPod Touch thought. Very useful is it if one lies on the sofa, watching a movie and fast times louder / softer, or the movie will pause. Because then we open the app, connects via the local network to the destination computer and manages his players. This requires a course to the W-LAN on the iPhone / iPod Touch being turned on and the other will have a small plugin for the VLC player installed. The great thing about the whole thing is that the remote control also can be used with Linux. In addition, Windows and Mac OS.

    Using the Apple Remote to control playback of multimedia content on my Mac - including QuickTime, iTunes, Keynote and even VLC - is very nice, but with an iPhone or iPod touch the thing is more fun (even more if you do not have an Apple Remote USA and a wireless mouse, hehe). For users of open source multimedia player, the Hobbyist Software offers the VLC and VLC Remote Remote Free.

    Compatible with Macs and PCs, the app is very simple but fulfills its role, with instant answers. With it, you can open and navigate through folders on the computer and have VLC play what you want. The only detail is that, as the Remote from Apple (for iTunes), he launches the program remotely, you must open it on your computer for the connection is established.

    The program is available in the AppStore once in the free and the paid version. Unlike the free version has sold for 0.79 version a few more features. Among other things, is a file browser and it can create playlists.

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    Re: VLC Remote allows control of multimedia application for iPhone / iPod touch

    I have a problem with VLC Remote, when I open VLC from computer, go out with VLC Remote, select "Browse" and my browser to "G: \ Test \ test.avi", select it, then the following error appears on the computer:

    Read file failed:
    VLC, the file "G: TestText.avi" not read.

    Help me !!

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