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Thread: Blackberry Error : transaction error

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    Blackberry Error : transaction error

    I am facing an issue with my Blackberry i have recently recreated BES account and after checking few mails i am getting an error: transaction error - decryption error and the reply would have a red X next to it.I don't know how to solve the problem can anyone help me out with this issue.

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    Re: Blackberry Error : transaction error

    If you are getting this error message then check which version of BlackBerry Desktop Software are you using it if you are using older version then try to download the latest version and install it after installing it also delete service book and finally manually generate an encryption key three times.

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    Re: Blackberry Error : transaction error

    Try goto Device Options ,then to Security tab and over here goto General Settings.At the bottom you will see Desktop click over it.Then Regenerate Encryption Keys option will get display click over it and go thorough the verification process after completing it try to send an email and from now you will not get any transaction error.

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