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After Upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 - Activesync error 86000107

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Old 08-05-2009
Join Date: May 2008
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After Upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 - Activesync error 86000107


I have a problem with my HTC Touch Cruise (Windows Mobile 6 Professional), the synchronization with two PCs (both Windows XP and Office Outlook) so far worked flawlessly. Now I have the ROM update to Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional according to instructions carried out. Since the synchronization does not work anymore. It appears the error message: "86000107". If I were following a very time consuming processes, the synchronization works in the corresponding PC (on the other PC but not!): I remove all the check marks in the data (calendar, contacts, etc.), the are to be synchronized and then synchronize. Now I sit back and tick all synchronize again. Now the data is synchronized on this PC. The second PC, I must also carry out this process in order to be able to synchronize, it will work but the synchronization with the first PC no longer here and I must again proceed as described and so it goes ever further back and forth. In Internet forums, I noticed that my problem many others have also. Functioning Advice does not exist.
The following Microsoft's statement, I have found on the Internet:
"This is a known issue and was fixed in 1.2 AKU. The customer would need to contact the OEM to see if they are providing the fix. Action: Customer upgrades to Windows mobile 6.1 Customer normally sync's with two PC's and when trying to sync with the second PC sync fails. Results: Error code 86000107 Sync fails Cause: The issue is talking about more than 100 deleting contacts. However, it's not specific to the delete operation. As long as there are more than 100 changes in one data type to be synced to the desktop, you can hit this issue. Resolution: The fix is available to the OEM's (device manufactures) and the customer will need to contact them to see if they have an update available. "

If there is no solution for my problem, I would like to return to Windows Mobile 6.0 back. Where and how do you do that? - Thank you!

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Old 08-05-2009
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Re: After Upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 - sync error 86000107

This solution, I have the same experience and solved this way: (also have partnerships 2pc)

- Make sure you submit an ActiveSync connection,
- He will come with the error,
- Check on your PC now all synchronization tasks (email, contacts, tasks, etc.)
- Then click synchronize
- Now there will be no error.

- Then check back to the first (Contacts?)
- Click on synchronize.

Repeat for each synchronization task.

Disconnect the connection with Active Sync and close your PDA
again and you will see that there is now good
be synchronized ...
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Old 08-05-2009
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Re: After Upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 - sync error 86000107

This error message occurs when you synchronize your device with WM 6.1 with more than one PC (eg Exchange, and PC, with two or PC, or PC and laptop). When you synchronize with the second PC / Exchange / Laptop, and go back to synchronize the first synchronization will fail.

To fix Error 86000107, follow the steps below :
  1. Open MS Outlook and choose File (File) -> Import and Export (Import and Export). This will open the Import and Export Wizard. Select Export to a file (Export to a file) and click Next (Next)
  2. Then select Personal Folder (Personal Folders). Pst and click Next (Next)
  3. Select Personal Folders (Personal Folders) and check the option Include subfolders (and include subfolders) and click Next (Next).
  4. Where it says Save exported file as, click Browse and select the location and name to which you want to save your file. Prefer to put in a folder that you frequently backup instead of the default suggestion (which is buried somewhere in the user settings). Do not hurt the other options and click Next (Next).
  5. Close Outlook and make sure your device is not connected to ActiveSync. Then open the Control Panel and open the Mail / Inbox (Correspondence).
  6. Click the Data Files
  7. In the tab Data Files will show you a list of Personal Folders in your profile is. Click Add (Add).
  8. Select Office Outlook Personal Folders File (. Pst) (Personal Folders Office Outlook) and click OK
  9. Go to the folder you saved the new. Pst created by the previously exported, select it and click OK.
  10. Verify that you have selected the correct file and again press OK.
  11. Returning again to the tab Data Files, click on the file you just added and click Set as Default (Set as default). Click Close to exit and close the Mail / Inbox (Correspondence).
  12. Open Outlook. We see that the files will appear twice. Do not hurt anything and just quit and restart Outlook. It is necessary to open Outlook once to transfer the information in your profile from the old to the new file set as default.
  13. Open again the Mail / Inbox (Correspondence) from the Control Panel and go back to Data Files. This time select the old file (not that you just added) and click Remove (Delete / Remove).
  14. Open once again in Outlook to confirm that your data is there and you do not have a problem.
  15. Open ActiveSync on the PC and select File -> Delete mobile device (if carefully synchronize more than one device, do not erase the wrong partnership!).
  16. Connect the device to your PC and xanaftiaxte in partnership with ActiveSync. Synchronize and you will be OK.
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Old 08-05-2009
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 362
Re: After Upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 - sync error 86000107

It is observed that, when synchronized with more than one computer in WM6.1, synchronization error leads to one of the two and does not synchronize calendar and tasks. Saying more than one computer ennoume a combination laptop + PC, Exchange server + PC or two PC.

Unfortunately there is no permanent solution so far and the problem reappears every time you hard reset or pass a new ROM. To solve (even temporarily) should do the following:

1. Extract the files to your new file format pst.
2. Add new file in your profile in MS Outlook and set it as default.
3. Once to open the MS Outlook (to transfer the settings from the previous pst file and new) and close it.
4. Delete the old pst from your profile
5. Delete the partnership from ActiveSync to your PC and reset (re-connecting the device to your computer).
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