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Thread: BlackBerry "unable to read application data"

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    BlackBerry "unable to read application data"

    Hello to all,

    I have BlackBerry. I manage my plans and my contacts with outlook on my laptop: ASUS G2 (WinXP and office2007) to home (ie internet).

    1) The sync works well for the calendar, but sending manip for the contacts gave me the following message:
    "unable to read application data"

    I read a maximum of topic and I found nothing.
    My contacts have no attachment, there is necessarily a name.
    I reinstalled BDM, deleted everything, everything, removed the battery ... in short,
    always: "unable to read application data"

    2) Is there a way to synchronize the Storm on a PC off-line?
    (BDM do not want my Storm if there is no connection!)

    Can anyone help me ????

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    Re: BlackBerry "unable to read application data"

    To solve your problem you need to delete the folder
    c:\documents and settings\Tomaz Application Data\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Intellisync

    Tomaz is the user your logged in.

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    Re: BlackBerry "unable to read application data"


    To fix this issue by clear the address book function, through Backup and Restore/Advanced and retrying. This will remove the corrupt database and allowed it to sync without errors. To restore BlackBerry device data and applications

    • Connect the BlackBerry device to the computer and open BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    • Open Backup and Restore.
    • Click Restore and select the backup file that you created before deleting your BlackBerry device data and applications.
    • Click Open. This restores the BlackBerry device applications and data.

    Check this link - How to Install and Upgrade to a New Operating System on BlackBerry

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