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Thread: Activesync error 608

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    Activesync error 608


    I have Mio C320, I am getting Communication Error .I cannot start communications with the desktop computer.
    Remote networking could not start due to a critical error (Error 608).

    It always tells "Please reconnect your device ... "

    When I look at my PC, the Mio in the device manager and it would work.

    Anybody have any idea how this solve this problem ?

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    Re: Activesync error 608


    I have found the following solution:

    1. The ActiveSync partnership on the PC delete.

    2. Handheld to your PC.

    3. There should be a known error message "Error 608" appears.

    4. Just then a soft reset on the Pocket PC, and Step 2 repeat.

    Thereafter, the connection can be recovered.

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    Re: Activesync error 608

    Try Active Sync on your PC to normal uninstall, because apparently it's connect with your PC. Source of the problem is not your ppc to connect if it fails ....

    You could try a Hard Reset.

    If you advance a backup is if you can not help get Backup to restore.

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    Re: Activesync error 608

    I had active sync, but later as I m also sd card reader I had used 1 or other means of communicating with the mio.
    To resolve I have a registry key change:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\USB\Function Drivers]

    for: "Default Client Driver" = "Serial_Class"

    to "Default Client Driver" = "Mass_Storage_Class"

    This is the million back as visible in tree storage media.

    I am happy, problem solved.

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