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Thread: Transcend launches JetFlash V30 USB Flash Drives with eSobi Software, in india

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    Transcend launches JetFlash V30 USB Flash Drives with eSobi Software, in india

    Transcend has rolled out its JetFlash V30 USB flash drives.Its color scheme is simple and elegant, being almost completely black with a splash of color around its cap.

    The partnership with esobi Inc. has helped Transcend to offer the powerful eSobi Internet information management software, which is a solution for issues like information-overflow. Now, the drive has the ability to streamline the Internet data collection process and offer stress-free operation as users need not worry about the tedious information hunting procedure.

    The extra storage space allows you store a whole lot more of your personal files, documents from work, digital photos, movies and music on a flash drive smaller than your finger. Never worry about running out of space again!

    The JetFlash V30 comes bundled with Transcendís incredibly useful JetFlash elite software package. JetFlash elite focuses on the needs of frequent computer users and is specifically developed to help manage your data and increase productivity.

    The JetFlash elite includes eight handy functions: AutoLogin, PC-Lock, Mobile Favorites, Secret-Zip encryption, Mobile E-mail, DataBackup, Online Update and the My JetFlash browser.

    With eight full gigabytes of storage capacity and renowned Transcend build quality at down-to-earth prices, the V30 represents a new standard in value.

    Transcend offers the opportunity to utilize eSobiís built-in web page editor that ensures speedy note-taking and sharing news/information with friends.

    For users to refresh their memories, here are the features of the reliable and effective JetFlash V30 USB flash drives. At 60 x 16.5 x 8.1mm and 7g, it sports a tiny, curved and ultra-compact body.

    The Transcend JetFlash V30 USB flash drive is compatible with Windows 98 SE/ 2000/ Me/ XP/Vista, Mac OS 9.0/ OS X and Linux Kernel 2.4.2 or later. This allows for seamless data exchange between different operating systems.

    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Availability:

    • Redington: 91-9381924185, 91-44-32467705
    • Supertron: 91-33-2213-1221/23
    • Mediaman: 91-22-23823100/3200
    • Luminous Technologies: 91-44-42147455

    • Pricing (MRP): Rs. 2000/-
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    Re: Transcend launches JetFlash V30 USB Flash Drives with eSobi Software, in india

    In addition, eSobi supports OPML format for transporting a group of RSS feeds altogether, and Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, html files for central data management. When used with a JetFlash V30, it is extremely easy to exchange well-organized personal files as well as web pages across different computers to synchronize all saved Internet data or share with others.
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    Re: Transcend launches JetFlash V30 USB Flash Drives with eSobi Software, in india

    Want to get more out of eSobi? Register eSobi now to receive free future updates, inspiring user articles, and recommended RSS feeds! Users of the new eSobi-preloaded JetFlash V30 USB flash drives can even win a free Acer Aspire One netbook simply by registering. For more information about how to enter the sweepstakes, visit .

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