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Old 14-04-2009
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jvm error 513 display on blackberry

Hello, I have a blackberry mobile phone and yesterday I entered a wrong password and it hanged so I removed the battery. Now, when I started the phone it started displaying me JVM ERROR 513. I had the backup on my computer but due to virus I formatted it and now I dont have the backup for the mobile phone either. So, can any one tell me how to resolve this issue or I am being sole? Thank you
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Old 14-04-2009
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Re: jvm error 513 display on blackberry

sounds to me like you need to do an OS install/repair
you will need to download the OS from your carrier (which you have not noted in your profile)
here is link to OS updates
here is link for instructions on installing the OS
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Old 14-04-2009
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Re: jvm error 513 display on blackberry

Sounds like you had your phone set up to only allow 3 attempts at entering the correct password. Upon failure to provide the correct password after the third attempt, the phone wipes itself. You know, just in case you have sensitive info on your phone and it falls into the wrong hands...

gonzo's links will provide you with the info you need to completely wipe the phone and reinstall the OS.
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Old 14-04-2009
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Re: jvm error 513 display on blackberry

Follow the directions below and I hope it works for your network!!

Turn on your phone and quickly scroll down to " Turn wireless off" or " Turn radio off". This has to be completed quickly before the phone connects to the network that you are using.
Then go into your your BB browser (the globe on the screen for most).
Then all you need to do is DELETE BROWSER CHANNELS. (Expand the section and then delete the channels)
If this does not work you will need to back up your blackberry and then reload the software from RIM website using your usb cable and directions below.

The Following are the instructions for uscellular customers that they emailed me. Very complex and a pain in the ass but it is listed below

How to correct a 523 error, and create a log file to submit to rim.

To get the log file.
- Please go the following link: ftp://dsvisitor:Fusion@ftp2.rim.net/
- Proceed to the Utilities Link folder, and download the Javaloader Program (you must Save to Desktop)
- When installing the program, please change the install directory to > "> C:\ >
- When Javaloader is finished installing, please shut down Desktop Manager (if Running)
- Go to Start then> Run > -> Type CMD then hit enter or OK
- From the Black Windows (Command Prompt Window) please type > "> CD\
- Now your computer should be displaying > "> C:\ > ">
- Please do the following command > "> javaloader -u eventlog > C:\bblog.txt
- Please do the following command as well > "> Javaloader -u dir >
C:\applist.txt >

Once you have it call rim and Email the logs created to after speaking with a REP so they can do with it what they do.
Assuming this has been done, you will then download and install the handheld software (uscc dl page) http://www.uscc.com/uscellular/Silve...?p=bb_software

I know this is has been put out there already but here it is again:

Install both desktop manager, and the newly download handheld software
- Restart your PC, with the battery out the back of the handheld and cable unplugged
- Start desktop manager
- Run the application loader software
- During the connection screen, please plug in your device (keeping the battery out)
- Choose the USB *XXXXXXX* or USB > "> Unknown> ">
- Do no choose any additional applications for install
- Click (Next, then Finish)
- Handheld will be restarting, and installing the applications.
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