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Thread: LG Arena KM900 opinion

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    LG Arena KM900 opinion

    Hello is it someone already has the LG Arena KM900?

    If so could you give us your opinion? On the responsiveness of the phone, internet use, the battery ..

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    Re: LG Arena KM900 opinion

    I had one since 24 hours and frankly it really disappoints.

    For the internet, I do not know if the network or if it is such, but it is mega slow (even in wifi connected to my box) the average readability and use of tactile is really difficulty and java is not installed.

    cube interface is good but that the transition between different faces is sometimes difficult especially on the contacts page or slipped Horizontal Make a vertical contact and mini cube does nothing and does not change with our modifications

    TV does not work for the moment and it is not managed to read divx and yet I have tested several format.

    Quality photos frankly I can not find. I made brief telephone and despite these defaults I think I'll have a iphone.

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    Re: LG Arena KM900 opinion

    I've since last week, and I really liked it, I went with the idea to take a iphone, but the lg changed my opinion, for me I did nothing for a moment, I do not agree with what was said before, but the tastes and colors ...

    What about surfing, the divx gps etc, you should wait a little, or updates or tips to find, but the touch is very fluid, verging on the screen and it works, it's really similar to the iphone, the screen is beautiful.

    I regret nothing in my purchase, and with 16 GB of memory on what to do.

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    Re: LG Arena KM900 opinion


    thank you for your opinion as I hesitate to take, your opinion reassures me.

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