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Old 04-04-2009
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Laptop not Detected by Projector

I have a HP laptop & trying to connect to the projector connected in my office.

The laptop shows as in i have not connected any other device to it. If i connect monitor to it it detects the monitor & also responds to it.

I tried many things like changing the display resolution, refresh rate & changing various setting of the laptop, but nothing worked.

I tried connecting the laptop of my colleagues & it worked perfectly & not working with mine particular one...
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Old 04-04-2009
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Re: Laptop not Detected by Projector

What make and model of laptop are you using? There is usually a key labeled FN on the lower part of the keyboard that allows extra functionality when used with the F keys. On my old IBM ThinkPad I could press FN+F8 to enable the VGA output. It varies from system to system of course, but for the most part it's the same idea.
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Old 04-04-2009
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Re: Laptop not Detected by Projector

I hope this helps.
One of the primary problems associated with hocking up a projector to a laptop is not necessarily in the FN protocol to switch to an external monitor.

You must first look at the laptops display properties and make sure that the resolution of the laptop can be supported within the native resolution of the projector display.

Also while in display properties go to the default monitor and make sure that the monitor setting refresh rate is set around 60 Hertz.

All of the other post?s are correct in turning on the projector first then the laptop.

This should automatically enable the monitor output. Though if this does not work then use the FN keys.

Many a problem with Dell have I seen with the actual video card within the laptop not working with many projectors or passing any image.

Also make sure that the laptop power is plugged into an outlet. If you have a low battery you cannot power the external video card.

Next if none of this is working find another laptop and due a test. If you are still not getting an image go into the projectors internal menu?s and make sure that the Auto sync is enabled. This will allow the projector to automatically find the resolution type from the laptop. Most new projectors can sync automatically. If you still have a problem it is more apt to be within the projector setup. The input may have been changed to read component video through the monitor input which is combining the horizontal and vertical sync on the red and blue.
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Old 04-04-2009
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Re: Laptop not Detected by Projector

PC (Windows XP) Instructions:

Most laptop PCs have a ?toggle? keystroke to choose between displaying the image on the laptop screen, on an external video source such as a projector, or both.

Most manufacturers use one of two key combinations: Function-F5 or Function-F8.

Note that you have to press both keys ? Function and F5/F8 ? together. Press this key combination two or three times to see if your laptop will cycle between displaying on its own screen, on the projector, or both.

If your laptop screen goes blank, this is a good sign that the video signal is
being sent to the external source. If you still do not see your desktop appearing via the projector, press the projector remote?s ?RGB? button to ensure that the projector?s input is set to RGB1.

If using your laptop?s toggle keystrokes and the projector?s RGB button does not solve the problem, check to see if Windows has detected the projector.

To do this, open the Windows Control Panel by clicking on the Start button, then Control Panel.

Double-click on the Displays icon in the Control Panel.

In the Displays window, click on the Settings tab.

Under the Settings tab, inside the large grey box, you should see two boxes representing monitors, labeled ?1? and ?2.?

If you only see one box, Windows has not detected the connection to the projector. Shut down both your laptop and the projector and recheck all connections.

Right-click on the box labeled ?2? and ensure the menu option called ?Attached? is checked. If it is not, click on it; then click Apply? at the bottom right.

Now, repeat the Function-F5/F8 keystroke.

The entry at the bottom of the Displays screen which reads ?Extend my
Windows desktop onto this monitor? controls mirroring, the display of the same image on both the laptop screen and the external projector.

If you want the screens to be mirrored, click on the #2 monitor and make sure the ?Extend my?? box is NOT checked.

If you do not want to enable mirroring, click on the #2 monitor and CHECK the ?Extend my?? entry. This will expand your Windows desktop across both the laptop screen and the projector screen.
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