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Thread: Turn off power saving mode of Lenovo Monitor

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    Turn off power saving mode of Lenovo Monitor

    Hello friends,

    I have lenovo 22" monitor and when i try to boot an OS, it shows POWER SAVING MODE, i cant get any screen, not even BIOS.

    I have tried taking the RAM out and tried to boot, but no luck.
    I don't know what other problem may be there !

    It was working good few days ago, then today when i tried to start, i couldn't.

    I fail to find out where to Turn off the power saving mode of my monitor, Please someone help me with the solution and ideas to rectify, if they came across such problem.

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    Re: Turn off power saving mode of Lenovo Monitor

    At one point your computer will have been set to power save mode - some programs can do this especially ones you may have got when installing a screensaver ect.

    some computers that are not designed for games may have this rule programmes into them.

    to fix your proplem

    Control panel>Power Options>Power Schemes Dropdown Menu>Always Off

    Please Note - doing this means that you may have to manually shut your pc down via power switch off on front (hold for 5 seconds)

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    Re: Turn off power saving mode of Lenovo Monitor

    Sleep mode you may also consider as a power saving mode.Sleep mode is suspend mode under another name, and it's activated inside the Power Profiles applet in the Control Panel. It's just a mode which lets the monitor turn off its main circuitry, save for the idle power circuit. When you press a key on the keyboard, or move the mouse, the monitor snaps out of suspend mode within a couple of seconds and you can continue to use it.

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