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Thread: iTouch password lost

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    iTouch password lost

    I have an iTouch that I do more since 2 month,i had set password for it and this morning wanting to listen to the I realize that I had put a password but I do not remember ... would you have a solution for this?

    thank you all

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    Re: iTouch password lost

    - You have created your password one night of drinking and since impossible to remember
    - You have stolen an iPod Touch and password of the previous owner prevents you to enjoy.

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    Re: iTouch password lost

    To restore:
    * Branch to your iPod Touch USB cord that came with ... and then to your computer.
    * use iTunes .
    * Click Restore.

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    Re: iTouch password lost

    why you searching all over just take your iTouch to apple service center you will get your solution .
    fro mumbai
    problem in apple ipod !!

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