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Thread: Jabra SP200 Handsfree - Price in India

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    Jabra SP200 Handsfree - Price in India

    The Jabra SP200 will enable you to continue driving your telephone conversation and enjoy excellent sound quality.

    Jabra, brand well known for quality accessories for mobile phones, offers the Jabra SP200, a handsfree Bluetooth 2.0 to fix the sun visor to communicate with casual driving. Practice, the SP200 has a command button large easily accessible, a volume knob and an on / off switch.

    Its sound quality is guaranteed by a DSP which reduces background noise and remove all echoes. Of course the sound quality will also be charged according to the soundproofing qualities of the interior of your vehicle.

    Availability and prices
    The Jabra SP200 will be offered beginning in April for sale at affordable prices instead of 2800 INR.

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    Re: Jabra SP200 Handsfree - Price in India

    Key Features

    Bluetooth 2.0, ESCO
    Noise reduction and echo cancellation (DSP)
    Features easy to use volume control dial, single button (answer / end) of large, power switch
    Auto pairing to mobile phone
    Conversion time = 10 hours
    Stand-by time = 23 days
    Dimensions = 12.4 x 5.6 x 2.4 cm
    Weight: 84 grams
    Charger; micro USB cable + car charger universal

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